Common Myths About Foundation Repair And Why They’re Wrong


Few words strike terror into the hearts of homeowners like the phrase “foundation repair.” The idea of cracks and holes in the foundation of a loved home can also fracture the confidence and peace of mind of anyone living there, especially the adults financially responsible for making sure that needed repairs happen. Fortunately, the ideas commonly held about foundation repair are in fact misconceptions, and the reality is very different than it is presumed to be. Keep reading to learn the most common myths about foundation repair and why they’re wrong.

1) Home buyers are less likely to buy a home with a repaired foundation. The laws in most communities require that anyone selling their home provide full disclosure about repairs made to a home to anyone thinking about buying it. This doesn’t have to scare off potential owners though. You can use the disclosure to convince prospective buyers that you’ve been a responsible homeowner and that you they don’t have to do the repairs themselves.

2) Foundation repairs are going to cost a lot of money. It is true that some foundation repairs run up costs that go over ten thousand dollars, and the few horror stories that get out resonate with those that tell or hear them, giving all such situations a tinge of terror. However, these are the extreme end of the spectrum of bad news, and not representative of all cases. Even “bad” cases are not usually that expensive, and some simple solutions only cost a few hundred dollars.

3) You can use any contractor for foundation repair. This is patently false. Contractors who are good at foundation repair not only have experience in the matter, but also have the appropriate insurance and licenses. Do background checks on any contractors you look into, and make sure you can get hold of them at any time. The last thing you want is any contractor doing bad work and then disappearing on you to discover shoddy work that burns even more of your money.

4) Foundation repairs can wait. Many homeowners who get large estimates that they might not be able to currently or comfortably afford wind up thinking that they can put off the needed repairs until they might prove cheaper. While repair costs might come down in certain situations and markets, foundations that need repair do not stay in a static state. Over time they deteriorate further, so waiting is likely to make your potential repair bill go up, not down.

5) Foundation problems always trace back to the construction of a home. This is sometimes true, and it’s certainly easier to blame the builder when you find something, but if it’s many years after the fact, be open to the idea that it may have developed along the way. There’s no need to assume that your home is flawed.

Now you know five common myths about foundation repair, you can deal with situations with an open and objective mind.